«Қайталанбас дара тұлға - Мұқағали»


A literary competition of readers «Қайталанбас дара тұлға - Мұқағали» was held on February 25th, 2016 in the main reading room of the Educational Information Center dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the birth the great Kazakh poet Makagali Makatayev.The poet's name is widely known to connoisseurs of Kazakh poetry. The purpose of the contest - the promotion of the poet, whose works have entered the golden fund of Kazakh literature. The jury consisted of: KOrazbaev teacher of "Kazakh language and literature, G.Mynbaeva, Zh.Erezhepova heads of departments of the JRC, H.Shambulova, B.Zhumabaeva head of a sector EIC, K.Isabaev senior curator of the higher school TaFE.

Students from all over of the university took part in the contest. The contest consisted of three stages. In the first stage of the participants made a poetic work Mukagali Makatayev. In the second stage of the contest poems were dedicated to the poet. In the third phase, participants performed songs based on poems M. Makatayev with musical accompaniment. At the end of the contest the main prize received Nurgazy Nurlan (FI), the first place - Balabekov Tolganai (PIC), Bayseyt Sherkhan (SM), the second place - Bazarbaeva Aktolkyn (ESP), Әbdimanap Kazybek (FI), Askarova Karlygash (SP), the third place - Sozakbay Aibek, Tursynalieva Kimat (VT), Orynbasar Zhasulan (ESP). All other contest participants have been awarded incentive prizes.


Mukhtar Auezov