Educational-information center (library)

     Establishment and development of Educational-information center are closely linked with history and development of the HEI. In these years it has become one of largest among HEIs’ libraries in Kazakhstan. At present EIC is equipped with necessary telecommunication and electronic equipment , allowing to organize the access to electronic educational and scientific content, also to ensure holding educational and scientific seminars, events on- line.
     The structure of library – information service includes:  7 circulation departments, 18 reading halls (halls of technical, legal, economic, scientific literature, world literature, periodicals, reading halls in dormitories). They are formed according to a branch principle and realize differentiated service. There are rare editions, dissertations, abstracts, monographs, literature in art in specialized funds.
     Library fund makes up over 2 mln. copies  of editions.  Educational, scientific, periodical publications, e-version of literature in technical, natural, social-economic, historical sciences, the richest collection of home and world fiction literature   in Kazakh, Russian, English and other languages are presented here.
Annually the library  subscribes to over 500 items of specialized, scientific, popular-scientific , fiction journals and newspapers in all the fields of knowledge.
     Free access to EIC e-library, e-catalogue,  removed resources is opened at the library site.
Various forms and methods of large-scale activities: exhibitions, parties, conferences, meetings, presentations are held to  help to harmonious development of student’s personality , their spiritual growth. 

Mukhtar Auezov