Scientific-bibliographic department

Information-bibliographic activity of scientific-bibliographic department is directed on regular maintenance of readers with data on the new documentary sources of the information necessary for their professional, educational activity.

Employees of department conduct lessons on formation of information culture of students, magistrs, post-graduate students, the university faculty.

For disclosing of library fund of the Educational-information centre publish newsletters of new receipts of the literature, bibliographic indexes, recommendatory lists of the literature, will organise «Days of the information», «Days of chair», «Days of a science».

For perfection of work with the help - search device the catalogue hall is created. Our readers, addressing to the help-search device (Spa) receive, possibility to use huge information potential of all library.

For fast search of the data in any set of search elements and their combinations, and also in difficult search inquiries automated library system "IRBIS" where the electronic catalogue is generated is introduced: "Books", "Articles", «Works of PPS SKSU», dissertations and author's abstracts of dissertations ».

The scientifically-bibliographic department renders a complex of information and help - bibliographic services on the basis of use of unique fund IEC.

The given department includes sector of information service.

We will help you:

• Competently to make inquiry and to spend information search;
• to Learn about presence of documents in library;
• to Work with electronic resources of library and a network the Internet;
• to Specify biographic data from a life of known people, dates of events; to find definition and etymology of terms and concepts;
• to Issue the literature list to course, degree or scientific works;
• to Make the correct bibliographic description of the document, according to SS(ГОСТ) 7.1-2003;
• Indexing of articles and dissertational works on UDC, BBC.

We will organise:

• Days of chairs;
• Days of the information on new receipts of books and periodicals in library;
• Employment on information search in the electronic catalogue and other DB;
• еру library-bibliografн-Chesky employment from studen 1 courses;
• Excursions on the EIC.

We publish:

• Indexes of works of the teacher-vatelej;
• the Information about new pub-likatsijah PPS university;
• the Personnel;
• Bibliographic the decree-teli and thematic lists of the literature in actual directions and inquiries of teachers;
• Bulletins about new receipts.

For you in department:

• Fund of documents on the traditional and electronic carriers, consisting from:
- Help,
- Information,
- Bibliographic editions,
- Books and magazines on higher education.
• Databases of the electronic catalogue;
• Electronic information resources;
• the help-search device;
• Catalogues, card files.

Our co-ordinates:

486042 Shymkent, avenue of the Tauke-khan, 5, The main case.
The Educational-information centre.
Scientifically-bibliographic department, 221 ауд.

Operating time:
Daily: with 9.00-19.00
The day off: Saturday, Sunday

Mukhtar Auezov