Technical specialties servicing department

Head of the service department  for TS
Kuldanbaeva Akbota Nasyrovna
Tel.: 21-19-92, e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The service department for technical specialties  (SDTS) - the basic subdivision of Educational Information Center. SDTS carries out library and information-bibliographic ensuring the educational process and scientific research activities of the University. Leads services for all categories of readers of  university in accordance with the requests for information and terms of use of EIC.

SDTS includes 2 training subscription, 13 reading rooms and a sector of mass and educational work.. 

The service department puts a number of tasks for themselves:

• providing free access to information of all categories of users;   

• improving the quality and level of service;

• automation and computerization of service processes;

• improving information culture of users;






• Subscribe of educational literature for technical specialties

• Subscribe of educational literature for agro specialties

Reading rooms

• The main reading room of universal literature
Reading room of World Languages
• Reading room of periodicals
• Scientific Reading Room
• Reading room of technical literature
• Reading room of economic and legal literature
• Reading room of agricultural literature
• Reading room of light and food industries
• 5 reading halls of hostels


Mukhtar Auezov